My Life at Great Lakes!!!

May 20, 2007

PART 1: 

March 18th 2006, I must say this day was one of the most different days i have ever come across. It was the day when i gave my Entrance test,GD and PI at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Entrance test didnt go well as i expected due to the lack of my preparation for the same. However GD and PI went exceptionally well where in i got the chance to showcase my interest in SAP and where i want to be, post MBA.

I came out of the interview room with some confidence that i would surely get thro, but i was afraid that i was fighting for the last 30 seats available since it was a roll-on admissions process and 130 people already have been selected. I did feel bad as to having delayed a lot in applying for the PGPM at Glakes. I left back to hyd with some hope. It was a matter of 8 days when i received a call from Great Lakes which had the good news that i have been admitted into the PGPM programme. Life seemed to be simple for one sec, as the struggles of all the MBA aspirants passed by my mind, as some of them still struggle to get into one of the best bschools in India. I should say i was lucky enough to get thro such a tedious process in a relatively easy way.

Dayone at Great Lakes, it was indeed a surprise to me as i got to know that 10 more bitsians have joined the PGPM programme. The ice break sessions including the prank and the sessions by mantra welcomed every one of us towards the one year journey. The outbound is where we got to know the batchmates, or rather we got the opportunity to relate people and names. Here is where i met this character with the same mental wavelength as mine and he is ofcourse one of the popular characters at Great Lakes, Srivathsan- fondly called as Laloo. And eventually we became very good friends.

The outbound made all of us feel very comfortable with everyone and so we almost started feeling the uncle bala’s style of family.I wasnt good at academics when i did my UG at BITS-Pilani as my full concentration was more into dancing. I was very much happy as a dancer but not as a student. So having got this second opportunity as a college student i felt my concentration should be more towards studies and not towards any other extracurricular activities. But then i also felt i should involve in some activities which will satisfy my urge towards extra curricular activities and at the sametime will add on some value to me. ADCOM was the right place for that. Today i am very much proud to say that i was an ADCOM member of Glakes. Moreover a group of us really felt the need to change the admissions system to an extent and so the team of 28 was formed.

 The course started with a bang, with macroeconomics assignment, even before the first class. Then came the terror, the brahman, the atman, u name it, and he talks about it, “the padaiyappa” of Great Lakes, Mr.Venkat Krishnan.  3 hours Philosophy and 3 hrs of Macroeconomics as homework, was really getting tough for us. When i think of first term even today, i remember only two things, Philosophy and Macroecomics. This showed up in the grades as well. However my favourite in the first term has always been Mr.Surysekhar who taught us Financial accounting in layman terms. I was shocked to see me scoring 109 on 100 with some bonus marks. This was probably the first time in my life when i scored more than the maximum marks 🙂 . The routine in studies continued similarly in other courses as well.

The next major event at Great Lakes was “Dr.Philip Kotler’s visit”. Shriram who was the secretary of Adcom was supposed to attend a meeting regarding the same. Unfortunately he had some other work and so i represented adcom along with Srivathsan. Later the Kotler team was formed with one member from all the committees and so i represented adcom. The Kotler event was probably my first managerial learning at Great Lakes where in we got the opportunity to handle the event, crisis management etc. We also got the opportunity to go to bangalore inorder to handle the meet there as well.

Kotler Meet at Chennai

We started getting the real management feeling as the event finished with a successful note. The team was praised by the management and as well as by the alumni and batchmates. Parallely we had the classes and tests giving us enough pressure to face. I would say at that part of time 24 hrs wasnt enough for us. (This is too much rite?– its ok kindly excuse me)

Also the ADCOM work was in full flow when we released the ADCOM flier brochure and also started working on the admissions schedule for the next batch. We decided to come up with the first ever online admissions portal at Great Lakes. Fortunately we had our dear Balaji Rangachari who had all the expertise in this field to screw the vendors. The list of work to be done for the whole year was formed. The list included, Admissions brochure, CD, Online portal, Meet the dean sessions, Admission interviews, GDs etc. We felt that we had a huge task ahead. But then we were all geared up to face the challenge. After all, we were very confident as Mr.Padaiyappa was on our side to guide us.

With this the part 1 of My Life at Great Lakes gets over. Will be back with the Part 2 sooon……